Let me help you with your stressful week

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Description: Custom video for Jamie ,,You play Monica, my roommate who sees me having a stressful week and wants to help. You approach me so very concerned. You tell me- I want you here Jamey Let me help you!Then start to show me your amazing boobs Tease them sideways as you talk nasty, lots of cursing as you say how you are here to serve me & relieve my blue balls & stress! Ask if I need to be nursed? Say how your nipples are here to pleasure me You want to nourish my cock and give me love Tease your nipples close to camera, spit on mirror and rub them against the heavy white saliva. Please let me see the nipples against the glass please. then drool heavy strands in front of me, let it dangle from your chin Tell me to eat it Say you have something special for me. show the mix matched socks, try on several pairs, use several bright colored and scrunchy socks as you beg me to pull my cock. Tell me we can watch porn together and fuck each other all nigh