Reiko Katori Is a Lovely Twenty Something Shop Girl Looking to Be a JAV Model

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Description: Miss Reiko Katori has decided that she too would like to be a Japanese adult video star. She felt the best way to accomplish this would be to answer our advertisment and come and visit with us for an afternoon. This is the video of our first encounter with Reiko Katori as we document what it was like to meet and chat with this lovely wanna be adult video actress. As you can see she is a lovely girl with long hair and a slender figure. She is a larger girl than many of the petite twenty-something Japanese girls we have been meeting lately. We are happy to have another body type of girl here with us for you to enjoy. Many men prefer a woman who is a bit larger. That is who we have with us today, It is very exciting for us to see this angel and get to know her. We have an interview with her which some people call couch casting as we interview Reiko to see if she is qualified to become an adult model.