PropertySex Astronaut Creates Homemade Sex Video with Very Good-looking Blonde Real Estate Agent Before Leaving for Mars

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Description: Astronaut Chuck is preparing for a mission to Mars, so he hires real estate agent Jazlyn Ray to help him get rid of his Earthly possessions. Chuck explains to Jazlyn that it's a one way trip and he won't be coming back, and Jazlyn's biggest concern is how he will be able to get laid on another planet. Since he won't be able to have sex, Jazlyn suggests they film a sex tape, so he can have something to jerk off to on the Red Planet. She spreads her legs to show Chuck she isn't wearing panties, then takes out her tits to impress him. Chuck fingers and licks Jazlyn's wet pussy, then she gives him a blowjob. Jazlyn rides Chuck's big dick, then takes it doggystyle, before letting the stud cum in her mouth